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Children should bring lunch and a drink and a change of clothes.
No Peanut Butter Please.


Children under two must be granted permission by a HoppinTots staff member before being accepted into Combo Fun .






We offer Parent/Child Classes,
Kids Only Classes, and a
Drop-Off Program for your convenience.


Parent/Child Classes

Every week there is a fun theme and special emphasis. The gym set up changes according to the theme so that things are always fresh and exciting for the children as well as for the adults. Each class starts in the circle room with music, socialization and skill instruction. Then we move to the Obstacle Course which is done in a circuit (with the exception of Baby Bears), followed by the Exploration Area for free-play activities on the trampoline, bars, etc. Your class instructor will direct all activities. Each class ends with a game, parachute and bubbles. The fun never stops at HoppinTots!

  • Baby Bears (6 mos. – walking)

Songs and activities for babies in all stages of development (non-crawlers, crawlers, cruisers), including rolling, bouncing, climbing, etc. This is a very relaxed class—babies socialize; parents exchange ideas and talk about their concerns. In the first year or so, changes happen very rapidly. It’s amazing to watch as each baby progresses from week to week!

  • Little Bears (walking – 23 mos.)

Beginning gymnastics. After songs in circle, parents are taught how to properly spot forward and backward rolls, etc. Children walk on balance beams, swing on the bars and jump on the trampoline. You’ll be astounded at how quickly these little ones catch on!

  • Little/Bigger Bears (combined 1 & 2 year olds)
  • Bigger Bears (24 – 40 mos.)

During circle time, more emphasis is placed on listening skills and imagination as well as on improving tumbling skills. Two’s like to do everything “myself,” so this is an exciting and challenging time! Many will learn to walk on the balance beam and do a forward roll without assistance.

For Kids Only Classes

Our “For Kids Only” classes start with warm-ups and skill instruction in the circle room.  The fun theme for the week is revealed to the children; and, then…it’s on to the Obstacle Course to practice skills  learned in the circle room.  Next, children will move to the Exploration Area to learn skills on bars, trampoline, balance beams, etc.  At the end of class, there is a fun game, stamps and stickers.

  • Little Hoppers (3 – 3.11 years)

Tumbling, jumping, climbing, swinging…learning cooperation and listening skills.This is a fun-filled, stress-free approach to the fundamentals of gymnastics.

  • HoppinKids (4 – 6 years)

More fun, more skills! Children will learn cartwheels, bridge-ups and frogstands and refine other skills. This is a very active, exciting class!

Drop-Off Program
  • Double T’s (2 – 3 1/4 yrs.)
  • Combo Fun I (Walking – 4 yrs.)
  • Combo Fun II (2 – 6 yrs.)
  • Tumble & Fun (3 ½ – 5 yrs.)

All of our drop-off programs include free play in the circle room with toys as well as on our equipment. Children will receive gymnastics instruction, sing songs, make a craft, learn to take turns and share, play games and just HAVE FUN! It’s great preparation for preschool.

NOTE: Children under 2 must have been enrolled in a recent class at HoppinTots.